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Day 1

Wild turkey are a common site
Next week, Frode E. Bugie begins his World Tour.

Frode E. Bugie (born 1945 in Copenhagen, Danmark) came 18 years old to Dana College in Elk Horn, Iowa, the first Danish folk school in America, where he met his wife Gwendolyn. Later, he received a military education at West Point. And after that he took a Civil Service Exam. in biology at New York University. He came to Nebraska 40 years ago, where he became associated with the Razewille Foundation at Schlagel Creek Ranch, Valentine, Nebraska.

1995 he bought Schlagel Creek Ranch and a larger amount of land in the Sand Hills, where he had found that 5 biotopes was meeting each other.

Here he founded his company that now has business in USA, Europe, Russia, Asia, India, Australia and Africa where he founded Christian schools and churches in Nigeria.

Last year he planed to travel around the world together with his wife, but she got sick and he lost her to cancer in November 2023.

The last thing she said before she died, was that Frode E. Bugie should find a good companion and complete the journey as planned. That was her last will.

He has now been looking for the right companion for a while and finally found a Canadian nurse living in Norway who is willing to join the journey. Then she can also take care of him along the way.

For the next year, Schlagel Creek Ranch's bookkeeper through more than 20 years, Misses Cecily Cardew, will take care of the company and see to that everything will continue as as usually.

We wish Frode E. Bugie and the nurse, Miss Clara Caroline, good luck at the journey around the world.

You can follow his and Miss Caroline's journey at this page.

Schlagel Creek Ranch, Valentine, Nebraska, February 9, 2024.